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break free

Lila Schow's Blog o' Fun

Books break the shackles of time ~Carl Sagan

[sticky post]$0.99 Ebook Day!
break free
($0.99 Ebook Day is pretty much every day, but let's keep that to ourselves)

I have just published my third book, Idiot Pageant.  It is ridiculously expensive to buy in paper version, so get the ebook instead!

Happy Endings, by Shel Silverstein
break free

It's an interesting philosophy if applied to writing.   Or Breaking Bad.  I was going to just leave the photo up for this post, but then I realized that was a bit ominous, so I'll add my favorite quote on writing to even it out;


Profound Reddit
break free

[–]hdhdhdhdh 174 points


From the man on the phone at the table next to me at Barnes & Noble: "Most problems, you can recover from. Like, if someone breaks into your house, it's not the end of the world. But the anxiety you can feel about the possibility of something like someone breaking into your house can ruin your life."

[–]daedreth 677 points


Random user in a random thread here.

Someone asked: "What is the meaning of life?"

Some random dude replied: "To give life a meaning."

It blew my mind and changed my life.

[–]Joldroyd 30 points


"You can't buy chance" - Jake on monopoly

[–]steelcase 185 points


"You have 2 lives. Your first life ends when you realize you only have one life."

I stumbled upon this after my grandfather passed very suddenly. Ever since, I've been trying to live each day as if it were my last.

[–]Heightist 335 points


"Act or accept"

It's really the only options we have when confronted with circumstances (good or bad). We either act to change those circumstances, or, if we can't change the circumstances, we accept.

[–]Illycia 986 points


Here on reddit a few days ago : "don't look for a relationship, look for someone worth starting a relationship with". I don't remember the user who said this but it's spot on.

"Warning: Everything saved will be lost." - Wii notification

break free
I've just published my latest novel, Desert Heat!  This one is a romance set in the Arizona wilderness.

Here's the summary:

Mike Ironhorse has made a promise he thinks will be easy to keep. He’ll hire his best friend’s ex-fiancé as a wilderness expert for his two-week desert survival course. And he won’t hit on her. Easy, right? Then he meets her.

Adaline Lopez, Iraq War veteran and Purple Heart recipient, thinks her life can’t get much tougher. In addition to being disabled, discharged, and depressed, she must also rely on her ex-fiancé to find an employer who will hire her in her present condition. Can’t get much tougher, right? Then she meets her new boss.

Working for Mike Ironhorse is a major SNAFU to her road to recovery. He doesn’t trust her with the material, the students or himself, her ex keeps showing up to surprise her on the job, a neighbor kid has decided she’s his new best bud and, worst of all, her four closest friends have enrolled in the course as a show of support. Not to mention she and Mike are fighting a very strong, and very unwanted, attraction. Just when they begin to trust each other, a local goes missing in the vast Arizona desert. The class volunteers to help the search, but Adaline finds herself in an awful state of affairs. Can she risk her new-found happiness and tender feelings for Mike to save a man in the same situation that nearly killed her during the war?

You can still buy my first book, Barely There in booth real and e formats!


Taken … and no one knows where…

This novel is inspired by the true events of a slave ship that disappeared off the west coast of Africa during an era of human savagery and ruthlessness. The year was 2001.

Kerri Mansfield and her family have a tangled history of colonization and aid -- not just to one nation, but to all of Africa it seems. When the slave ship, Etireno, goes missing, Kerri is one of the few people who knows where to look. One of the few people with the contacts and resources needed to find it. But she must hurry because the children on board weren't taken by chance. It's revenge in its ugliest form.

She isn't the only one searching either, oh no, that would be too easy and life is rarely that. The French Secret Service are also after the children and they've sent their best agent to find them. Kerri's ex-husband. Even better is that he’s teamed up with her current boyfriend, just to make it all a little more interesting. Tracking the ship to a Brazilian port two weeks before Carnaval should be the end of the story, instead it's just beginning. The children have vanished and as Kerri's leads dry up she begins to take risks that put others in jeopardy.

Oh, and I did I mention the ex-husband?

Proof that more than just my mom liked Barely There
break free
Over at ecosopher  there is this post:

Book Review 'Barely There' by Lila Schow.

This is a great review and you definitely need to read it, but here's the highlight of it all:

"Lila Schow ... unexpectedly ... story ... glued"

A gem of a cover blurb if ever there was one!

If a random person on the internet liked it this much, surely you will too!  

Going On Reddit
break free

If anyone's interested in heckling me!  I'll do a follow up post on how well this works.

Self Promotions That Didn't Work
break free
Last month I promoted my book on Scalzi's blog, Whatever.  I even dropped the price of the e-version, then sat back and waited.  Zero sales for the entire week! Yikes!  So that didn't work very well, although I got some awesome stuff from his Winter Holiday Shopping Guide. 

It's great that he allows authors of all sorts that kind of platform, I think everyone who creates some type of art would agree that all they really want is the opportunity to prove their skill to a large audience. 

Really, the blame lies with me, I have not done near enough promotion, but this is a new year, right?  Time to unleash the dogs of PR!

Not just one, but two!
break free
TWO! Two royalty checks for my debut book (just in case you've conveniently forgotten) Barely There.  That figure is exactly the same as the number of reviews I've gotten for it!  

So right now I've made just over $20.  Yay!  Here's how I feel, right now:

Now 99% More Error Free!
break free
If you've been waiting to get a copy of Barely There, I've got great news!  It now has a lot less errors in it, so go for it!

And for all of you who have copies with errors, don't think of them as such, just pretend they are Easter Eggs of love.

Here's the cover of my book, just in case you forgot what it looks like.  As always, if you love it please leave a review and if you hate it, give it to someone who annoys you.

Escape Reading
break free
Good news!  Barely There is now available in all your reading formats!  (Or, two, anyway)

We have physical or Kindle!  And just in case you forgot what the cover looked like: